A few days with a software consultant

We started to implement domain driven design (DDD) at my workplace at the start of last year. I had learned a lot about DDD in my spare time, but no one on the team had worked on a DDD project beforehand. [Read More]

Value Objects Explained

In “The Importance of Bounded Contexts” I talked about one of the big lessons that I learned from domain driven design (DDD). But separating code by bounded context was only one of the things that I learned and improved my code at the same time. Today I want to talk... [Read More]

The Importance of Bounded Contexts

In the last six months I immersed myself in domain driven design (DDD). I read the green (DDD Distilled) and red (Implementing DDD) books by Vaughn Vernon, read all the blogposts and watched all the talks that I could find. [Read More]